Formations en secteur privé : répondre aux marchés publics

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Because each purchase is specific, we have designed training adapted to any type of purchase need: training, maintenance, insurance, energy, communication, catering, cleaning of premises ... These training courses take into account the legal and technical specificities of each of these sectors and are up to date with the latest regulatory and jurisprudential developments. Training courses specific to the implementation of the General Administrative Clauses (GCC) are also proposed: CCAG PI, CCAG Travaux, CCAG FCS and CCAG TIC. A better control of these CCAGs, widely used by public purchasers, will allow better drafting of the consultation file and better monitoring of the execution of public contracts. Finally, our training courses dedicated to the project management and the works contracts aim to improve you on the different steps of the act of building, which require expertise and technical, legal and financial know-how.