Formations en marchés publics étape par étape

Formez-vous en Public procurement step by step

The control of each stage of the purchasing process is fundamental, from the choice of the contractual arrangement to the administrative and financial follow-up of the market. First, a fine drafting of the consultation file will make it possible to anticipate subsequent implementation incidents. Secondly, the procedure for calling for competition consists of a multitude of stages (notice of publicity, analysis of applications and offers, negotiation) which must be secured. Finally, compliance with the rights and obligations of each of the parties (buyer / economic operator) during the performance of the contract requires a good knowledge of the elements relating to price developments, the financial regulation of the markets, Subcontracting, the modalities of conclusion of the amendments ... These different stages have been impacted by the reform of public procurement and it is necessary to know the new rules to secure its markets.